Livro assado


A empresa de alimentos Podravka lança seu relatório anual no formato de um livro que precisa ser levado ao forno por alguns minutos para que a tipografia possa aparecer. Eles utilizam uma tinta especial para esse efeito.

Well Done designed by Bruketa & Zinić is an annual report from the food company Podravka. The book is empty or so it seems. In order to see the text and images the book has to be wrapped in foil and baked at 100°C for 25 minutes. The text and images are printed using a special, thermo-reactive ink.

If you are not careful and set the temperature too high the book will burn just like any meal. Inside after the baking at correct temperature, you will find great Podravka’s recipes and a numbers and a report of an independent auditor.